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At the moment, there are bone marrow donors all over the world.

Are you a bone marrow donor and do you want to tell the world? Are you curious to know who already is a donor? Do you want to hear the story of donor who has had the opportunity to actually donate marrow and understand what it feels like? You can find all this information in this web page. Here you can find a collection of faces, experiences and stories. Maybe if you still haven’t taken the right choice they will convince you.

If you already are a donor, both if you have or have not already donated, and you want to share your story, you can do so by simply sending us an email (and don’t worry, you will receive no spam!) Send us a few photos of you, or none at all if you prefer, write us the reasons that brought you to become a bone marrow donor and your feeling about it, maybe even the story of your life and even your usual grocery shopping list… in other words: whatever you like! By doing so you will contribute to the development of this community, the number of donors (which is the most important thing) and last but not least, you will be able to boast of being on the same page as some of the strongest climbers in the world!

Send your story to [email protected]. The last one is:

Jacopo Larcher


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