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Michele Caminati

Published on 6 September 2012 in People

michele_caminatiBorn in Parma, 25th February 1985, he started climbing, just as a game, when he was 12 and still was hoping to become a volleyball player. Then, fortunately, the game took over and it has now been many years since he started dreaming about rocks, chalk and places both far and near. He is a mathematics student at University of Parma and has always been interested in abstract reasoning, mathematics and theoretical physics. During the years he realised he could not do live without spending most of his time in the open and thus started dedicating more and more time to climbing and photography.This allows him to follow his passions and try to transmit them to others through images, that for a mathematician are always easier to employ than words are…

He has always been passionate about bouldering, and has taken part in the National championshipsince2001and the International one since 2004 as a member of the Italian team. It is always on true rock, though, that he passes the most of his time, having repeated top ascents in most of the core European bouldering areas and in some of the nicest spots in the United States.Besides his travels, his heart remains mostly tied to the Forest of Fontainebleau and the limestone of the northern Apennines, where he has been lucky enough to discover and clear some of his favourite lines.

Michele Caminati underwent tipization in April 2010.

In the past I had heard about bone marrow donation, but as formany other people, either because of laziness or because of climbing and other issues I never took the time to understand the issue. One evening, though, I received a message from a friend who invites me to read a short story.There was a boy, a young climber like me, aged 22, who discovers he is affected by a rare illness and needs a bone marrow transplant from a compatible donor in order to be able to start dreaming freely again about rock, like all of us.

Shaken by his story I informed myself and discovered that a simple blood test was sufficient to be added to the list of bone marrow donors and so give hope to a person. Every one of us has a “genetic brother” somewhere out there: one individual in a hundred-thousand to whom we could donate our bone marrow of from whom we could receive a transplant if we were in need of it. What if one precisely one of our genetic brothers was waiting? We must let neither laziness nor indifference overcome. Nowadays, only 50 or 60% of the patients waiting for a bone marrow transplant manages to find a compatible donor, and all together we could make this number much higher.

The actual transplant is very easy, you may do it once in your life and involves minor discomfort for the donor. So, dear climbing friends, where is the problem in taking a simple blood test? Let’s all evade indifference and find something that can unite us even more: it would be lovely to know that we have many many companions on which to rely.

This is the aim of the Climb For Life project.

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