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Jacopo Larcher

Published on 26 April 2014 in People

Melloblocco 2013 : For the first time it is possible to perform typization, the examination to become potential bone marrow donors, from a saliva sample. We had 50 kits, one was used by Jacopo Larcher .

Jacopo Larcher

Often, when everything is going in the right way and we are fortunate to be able to do what we want, we focus only on our life, without realizing that unfortunately there are many people who do not share this good fortune . I’ve always heard about bone marrow donation , and I have always admired the courage of the donors and their choice they have done… but I never had the needed maturity to undertake this journey . In a certain way I was used to see this as something far away from me, extremely confined.

Then, growing up, I saw more and more friends, who up to that time shared my same luck, developing leukemia . It was something so unfair! The world came crashing down on them and they found themselves suddenly alone .

I felt the need to do something for them to give something back for all that I had and all I received.

For several months I continued to think about it, convincing myself more and more to undergo typization and become a donor , but being always around the world I never took the time to go to the hospital.

Last year at Melloblocco I had another great fortune to meet again Giovanni. Knowing his history , I was really impressed with the energy he was able to invest to help others, and I was immediately convinced to take that step I wanted to do for a long time. I have always believed that typization was a long and complex process , but it really takes only a few minutes: just spit into a test tube!

It ‘ a very simple action, but so full of meaning .


Life is a gift we have received, we must not be afraid to give it back .

- Jacopo Larcher

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