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UP climbing is our media partner for the online communication





Adventure Awards Days hosts Climb For Life starting from 2014.






Starting from this guidebook,Versante Sud inserts a Climb For Life information page in its books every time it’s possible.





Involving 20 gyms, Bloccati nella Nebbia is the biggest italian boulder contest. This year we will cooperate to realize a VERY VERY large information campaign. But it still is a surprise…



Starting from 2012 edition, Climb for Life will be guest  and partner of this beautiful meeting.



Oh!pen produced the short movie “Il turno di notte lo fanno le stelle” (The Nightshift belongs to the stars), written by Erri De Luca and directed by Edoardo Ponti, filmed in July 2012 in the Dolomites. Actors are Nastassja Kinski, Julian Sands and Enrico Lo Verso. The movie is accompanied by the documentary “Open Air Conversations” in which Erri discusses with, amongst others, Pietro dal Prà, Nives Meroi, Romano Benet and Giovanni Spitale, the mountains and the importance of donation.



Beginning from this guide, Idea montagna puts a Climb for Life advertising page in its books every time it is possible.





Wild Climb has always collaborated with Climb For Life, for example, reporting on the shoeboxes information about bone marrow donation.




La Sportiva sustains Climb for Life before Climb for life ever existed! They distributed our t-shirts and flyersin their stand at Melloblocco 2010, they printed for us posters that otherwise we couldn’t have paid… A lot of employees underwent typisation, one of them actually gave bone marrow.



NUS is National University of Singapore, and NusClimb is its climbing club. In 2012 they organized a big challenge (The North Face boulderactive contest), with people taking part from almost every country of south-eastern Asia. Every registration form had on it informations about bone marrow and tipization, and every t-shirt had Climb for Life’s logo on it. There have been so much people asking to underwent tipisation, that  Singapore’s registry temporarily run out of money to pay the genetic tests!


For a lot of people, Melloblocco is The Bouldering Meeting. From 2011 Melloblocco hosts Climb for Life, giving us help, time and space to raise awareness on bone marrow related issues between participants.


FestiValbrenta is the meeting which realized the possibilities for Climb for Life’s existence. Maybe, without Festivalbrenta, there wouldn’t have been Climb for Life.




Shellrent is the hosting service which – from 2010 – hosts this website for free and supports our online activities.



ADMO is the italian bone marrow donors association. They spread information about donation in Italy, and they economically sustain  Climb for Life. For example, anticipating money needed for the t-shirts.