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Help us: share!

Becoming a bone marrow donor is by far the best way of helping those waiting for a transplant. But it’s not the only one!

If more people knew about donation, more would decide to become donors. Spreading the word is therefore vital!

Talk with your friends, try to convince them to look into it and understand it. It costs very little, and if you manage to convince somebody, and that person actually saves someone else’s life, just imagine the satisfaction!

Climb for Life is not an association; it isn’t mine and it isn’t yours – it’s an idea, and as such it belongs to all those who want to share it, do something – something helpful.

Understand who we are, what we do and how you can help, then here are some things that may be useful in this regard:

  • Give Bone Marrow → It’s just a single page! Print it and give it to your friends, or take it to your gym, or wherever you like. It’s a good starting point to get informed.
  • Reminder → It has the lines to cut it in five pieces! ci sono i segni per ritagliarlo in cinque parti! Put it in someone’s pocket and convince him that donating bone marrow is a good idea.
  • Logo → Climb for Life’s logo, in high resolution.  To print and hang in the bedroom, to put on the posters of competitions and events, to paint, to project as if it was the bat-signal …
  • Banner(200×200) → use it on your website to add a link to Climb For Life. If you need it bigger, smaller or with another shape, just ask!  (100×100 version)
  • Advertising page → Are you about to print a guide? Have some room left? Why don’t you add one of those pages?
  • You don’t have to be big (1) – HD → Download this video in high definition and screen it at competitions/events/gyms/…
  • You don’t have to be big (2) – HD → Download this other video in high definition and screen it at competitions/events/gyms/…
  • Adam Ondra – Climb For Life – HD → the high definiton and subtitled version (ENG, ITA, FRE, CZE) of out latest short movie, Adam climbing this marvellous 9a route in San Vito Lo Capo and explaining how easy it is to save someone’s life. As above, screen it at competitions/events/gyms/… ;)

And more to come…