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Hansjörg Auer

Published on 18 September 2012 in People

hansjorg auerHansjörg Auer is a name that says much more than something . It says, for example, “hey, isn’t him that guy who in 2007 climbed free solo the route “attraverso il pesce”, perhaps the best known of the south face of Marmolada?”

Not only. The list of his achievements gets a new point, very simple, painless and fast, but not less important. Hansjörg Auer has become bone marrow donor.


I was relaxing at my parents house. Climbing, bolting and cleaning some routes on a new crag in my home valley, just a few days before I was heading off to Black Canyon/Colorado trying to free a possible aid line called Hallucinogen Wall. During organising my stuff I received an e-mail of Pietro telling the climbing community how important it can be to become a bone marrow donator.

When I read the lines I immediately felt like this is something what I want to do. My thoughts drifted back and I remembered that many years ago a man of my home village, father of two children nearly same age than me, got the diagnosis of leukemia. They searched for a bone marrow donator but unfortunately they could not find the right person. For me it was even more alarmingly due to the fact that this family was living next to our house and over years I was playing around with their two kids. Everything felt so good until that day, when I heard the bad news and when my mother explained me how tenuous the situation is.

Now almost 15 years past and the family is happy again. They learned to deal with the outcome of the disease of their father and they completed the construction of their new house. The two kids learned how to start a life without a dad and last year the older daughter got a nice little baby.

In our world we can do a lot of things to help our fellow men. One thing is, that we can go to the hospital, spend one hour there and become a bone marrow donator. So why not? Let´s do it.

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