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How to donate


You can become a potential donor very close to home! But how?

All you need to do is a test that’s called “typization”. You can usually do it in the nearest hospital to you. In some countries it’s even possible to do it at home!

“Typization” is done so as to create a map, an “ID card” of your bone marrow. To do this, a biological sample is needed; usually blood (via a simple blood test) or saliva (yes – you can even save someone’s life by just spitting into a jar!). Methods used, however, vary from country to country.

The information gathered is then deposited in a data-bank in your country, which is connected to every other data-bank in the world. If you are lucky, one day, someone who’s waiting for a transplant will need you, and donating a little of your bone marrow will save his/her life.

Donating bone marrow involves very little risk, and the marrow donated redevelops in just over a week.


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