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Climb For Life, Adam Ondra’s route in a short movie

October 2012, San Vito Lo Capo.

During the Climbing Festival, Adam Ondra bolted a nice line in a cave near Parco Cerriolo. The route is hard, but in some tentatives Adam manages to free it.

Adam Ondra, a great supporter and friend of Climb For Life, not just in words. In fact, in 2011, shortly after his eighteenth birthday, undergoing typization he’s become a potential bone marrow donor. that’s why we arranged to meet in San Vito Lo Capo: to make a short interview to explain what it means to donate, how do you do it, and how simple it is. We arranged to meet in Parco Cerriolo, to film the interview between one attempt and another. As luck would have it, shortly after our chat, the attempt was not only that. This is why Adam decided to call “Climb For Life” that line.

That’s the whole story, told in our last short movie. So, why don’t you download the high-definition subtitled (ENG, ITA, FRE, CZE) version? It’s free!

Adam Ondra – Climb For Life – HD download


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