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Caroline Ciavaldini

Published on 30 September 2012 in People

Caroline Ciavaldini, born in Toulouse in 1985 and lived in La Réunion until 16, is one of the strongest french climbers. he won 4 times the french lead chasmpionship, but most important since may 2012 she’s a potential bone marrow donor!

Last year Pietro told me about climb for life, I think it was in a la sportiva party. Getting a blood test to enter the donation registers, I thought I had to do it, really. One of my good climbing friend has a leucimia, it’s making her life turn into hell, I feel so sad every time I think about her, she is such a nice girl, it’s just so unfair that this happen to her. I thought the least I could to was to go to the hospital and give a bit of blood. But I didn’t do it, didn’t take the time for it.

But I saw Pietro again, I really thought I couldn’t allow myself to be so lasy, it felt like spitting at the face of those people who wait for a donor. So finally, I did it. And guess what? All it took was to spit in a little tube, not even any injection. And I know that now, maybe, I can help a little bit.

The chance to be a donor once you’re registered is 1 on 2000. Nothing. So now, I have to convince 2000 other people to spit in a tube, and together we will have saved one person. So, please, if you are reading this, don’t be as lazy as I was, take one hour to go to a hospital!

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