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Bloccati Nella Nebbia

Published on 24 October 2012 in CFL projects

 In 2007 five climbing gyms in Emilia came together with the desire to create a circuit of events. They were united in three basic factors: festive spirit, playful approach and passion for climbing (specifically for the specialty boulder) .

Thus was born the first edition of  “Bloccati nella Nebbia” (i.e. Stuck In The Fog), a circuit of bouldering meetings whose name suggests openly geographical area (the low Emilia) and the period of performance (one of the mists, from November to March), and admittedly unconventional spirit that animates it.

Since then, other editions that have followed have seen a steady increase in both the participants in (from 217 to 943!) and in the number of gyms involved: this edition of the Circuit “Bloccati nella Nebbia” reaches the extraordinary result of involving 21 gyms .

“Bloccati nella Nebbia”, thanks to the big courtesy of Smog, which for the occasion has made special holds, has decided to give full support to Climb For Life in an information campaign, focused on what it means to donate bone marrow, on why and how to become potential donors.


See you there!

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