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Home Information about Donation 8. Who can become bone marrow donor?

8. Who can become bone marrow donor?

Legislations vary in different countries. As a general rule, tough, it is necessary to be at least 18 years old (for legal reasons) and weighing at least 50kg. Obviously the donor has to be in good health and should not be affected by hematological diseases, severe chronic illnesses or other serious infective diseases (HIV-AIDS, Hepatitis viruses, ecc.) A complete screening for these conditions is performed at the moment of tipisation and before the possible donation.

The best way to obtain precise and up-to-date information is, however, to consult the national donor association of your country or the national database. This is also indicated because legislation is different from country to country. Using the registries page it is possible to access a list of all the associations world-wide.

Because the HSC donor is alive and in good health, in comparison to organ donations, usually obtained from patients in irreversible deep coma, is aware of the fact that he has the opportunity to contribute to the attempt of saving a life.

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